Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had a completely numb finger! It was coming from my neck! An MRI showed the cause... a disc bulge! I thought I was heading toward surgery for sure!

Now I am all better! I can feel my finger again! Thank you Corrective Care Chiropractic!

- Matthew N.

"Our 3 year old Son Eli has benefited much from Dr. Peterson's alternative ear infection therapy. We have averted using antibiotics several times now by having Dr. Peterson do the ear maneuver to help open up Eli's Eustachian tubes! during the most recent stint, Eli was miserably sick with up to 105 degree fever. The pediatrician diagnosed a double ear infection and gave us a script for antibiotics. Instead of the pharmacy, we drove right to Dr. Peterson's office for the usual ear adjustment... and once again, Eli came flying through. He felt better immediately, and by the next morning, he was fine. We were delighted!

Thank you Dr. Peterson! Your medical care but also company, support, and fellowship was (as always) sweet!

- The Hasenkamp Family

"When I came to Corrective Care Chiropractic I could barely walk! I was very scared! I had never felt anything like that before! I had a ton of pain shooting into the front of my leg coming from my low back. Limping was the only way I could get around.

After chiropractic adjustments and decompression therapy I'm all better and am soooo thankful! Thanks for giving me my health back."

- Nav K.

"Out of the blue I developed sciatica, which presented as radiating pain down my leg. Many nights I was awakened by this gnawing, achy nerve pain. It hindered my usual daily activities and I did not nor want to give up the active lifestyle I held/hold so dear. My lifestyle consisted of yoga, zumba, and the gym.

I finished Dr. Peterson's treatment plan for me and now three months later, the sciatica I had is a thing of the past! In fact with Dr. Peterson's help I never even had to give up my favorite pastimes.

Thanks to Dr. Peterson I have my life back. My friends and family members are getting better too! Since I have referred them to Dr. Peterson.

BTW: Dr. Peterson and his wife are very lovely, supportive and calming people."

- Susanne K.

"Sciatica gone! I bent over to tie my shoe and that's when it hit me! Awful pain that ripped down my leg. Walking and sleeping, both things of which I had never had a problem became a battle! One MRI later and this is what I was diagnosed with! A herniated disc with disc material oozing out like tooth paste 2 centimeters down into my spinal canal. It wasn't overnight but two months later and with twenty five decompression sessions under my belt I was back to normal living!

It feels so good to have my life back!"

- Jeff K.

"My experience with Dr. Peterson has been miraculous! I came to Corrective Care Chiropractic with severe low back pain, numbness and pain running down my leg due to a confirmed 5mm lumbar disc bulge on MRI. Seeing the negative affects of spinal surgery I wanted to try a more conservative approach to my problems. Using gentle adjustments and spinal decompression, my problems have subsided.

As a nurse, I really appreciate the quality of care and attention I have received and recommend this office to others. I give great thanks to Dr. Peterson and his caring satff."

- Nancy M.

"4 years ago pain started radiating down my leg! I had the feeling of tingling and numbness as well. Sitting was painful. After adjustments and spinal decompression I am doing much better! No more numbness. No more pain radiating down my leg. And now sitting is not painful! Thank you Dr. Peterson!"

- Priya V.

"Sometimes I would have migraines two to three times a week. I had to sit in a dark room to find some relief. I would have to stay home from school they got so bad. Pain meds didn't even seem to work so my parents took me to get examined by Dr. Peterson.

I grew up having migraines and I had no idea they were coming from a neck problem! I had lost the curve in my neck and after my curve was restored my migraines went away! After working with Dr. Peterson for a couple months I am migraine free.

It was like a miracle! Life is much nicer without migraines."

- Marielle E.

"About six months ago, while I was shoveling snow, I got a sharp pain in my lower back which also radiated down my left leg. I thought it would go away on it's own but didn't. I came to Dr. Peterson and by the 2nd visit my pain level dropped 75%. The 3rd visit I was free of any pain that was there.

Because Dr. Peterson runs a very professional clinic, is a great doctor and answered any questions I had, I have recommended many of my coworkers and family to see him.

Thank you Dr. Peterson."

- Ken P.

"Corrective Care Chiropractic has been wonderful in helping me get back to living life again pain free. Before, with a numb hand, neck pain, and disc bulges i was suffering daily. Now i am living life better than ever with no more numbness in my hand and no more constant neck pain thanks to Dr. Chris Peterson DC!"

- John


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